2013-09-15: OverSIP 1.4.0 Released

OverSIP version 1.4.0 has been released. It includes several changes and lot of new features, as for example:

  • Added advertised_ipv4 and advertised_ipv6 configuration options for running OverSIP in NAT’ed boxes.
  • Support for SIP 199 response code (RFC 6228).
  • Request-URI of a SIP request can now be modified by passing a URI string to ruri= method.
  • New class methods OverSIP::SIP::Uri.parse(string) and OverSIP::SIP::NameAddr.parse(string) which generate instances of those classes.
  • OverSIP::SIP::Proxy and OverSIP::SIP::Uac instances now allow setting multiple callbacks (for events like on_success_response) and all of them will be executed sequentially.
  • Module OverSIP::Modules::OutboundMangling refactorized.

Check the full Changelog.