2012-09-04: OverSIP 1.2.0 Released

OverSIP version 1.2.0 has been released. It includes several changes and new features:

OverSIP::SIP::Proxy class

  • New callback on_target() for inspecting the real destination of a request after RFC 3263 procedures.
  • New method abort_routing() for aborting the request sending in the new on_target() callback.

OverSIP::SIP::Message class

  • If the From or To headers are modified in a SIP request (via the from() and to() methods) then those headers will be rewritten when the request is forwarded and changes to the headers will be reverted when forwarding responses upstream.
  • If the Contact headers is modified in a SIP request (via the contact() method) then the header will be rewritten when the request is forwarded.

OverSIP::SIP::Uri class

  • New method aor() which retrieves the simplified AoR of the URI (no port or parameters).

3rd party modules framework

  • OverSIP::SystemCallback module provides access to OverSIP system callbacks in which 3rd party modules can add their desired code to be executed.

Built-in modules

  • OverSIP::SIP::Modules::Core module is no longer a “module” and becomes OverSIP::SIP::Core.

Full list of changes

Check the full Changelog.