Running OverSIP Behind NAT

Starting from version 1.4.0, OverSIP can act as a SIP proxy in a NAT’ed host and still communicate with SIP devices outside (i.e. in Internet). This is very useful when running OverSIP in scenarios like Amazon AWS, in which the hosts have private addresses and there are public ones pointing to them. OverSIP must work in those cases by binding into the private addresses and announcing the associated public IP into the headers (Via, Record-Route, Path…).

For this to work, set the following configuration options in oversip.conf as appropriate:

  • sip -> advertised_ipv4
  • sip -> advertised_ipv6
  • websocket -> advertised_ipv4
  • websocket -> advertised_ipv6

Obviously, the router must be configured to redirect SIP/WebSocket traffic to the OverSIP host within the LAN.